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Aden Modular Leisure Chair

R5,380 R4,380

Alaska Armchair/Single Couch


Barcelona Armchair


Benin Lounge Suite, 2 Seater+3 Seater

R29,980 R25,980

Callia Lounge Suite, 2 Seater+3 Seater

R30,980 R24,980

Camden 3 Seater Couch

R15,990 R12,990

Cavan Corner Couch

R24,990 R19,990

Cooper Lounge Suite, 3 pcs, 1+2+3

R31,470 R26,900

Cromwell Single Couch, Armchair, Chesterfield, Full Leather

R9,590 R8,380

Daphnee 3 Seater Functional Couch, Back Movable, Full Leather

R19,990 R16,990

Daphnee 3 Seater/Sleeper Couch

R19,990 R16,990

Daphnee Grand Corner Couch, Comfortable Sleep Platform

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