Leather has a timeless appeal and durability, making it a popular upholstery choice. However, all leather requires cares to maintain its elegance and long life. In order to achieve this, it is important to adhere to the following do’s and don’ts:


Use your suite responsibly, avoid sitting on the edges of cushions or arms, as this may cause distortion, and keep our leather free from dust and dirt.

Use a soft untreated cloth, or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, use a leather protection cream to protect against stains and dirt, this also improved durability and help keep the leather soft and supple.

Take care when opening and closing recliner mechanisms please note, where recliners are present in sofas, it is normal to see gaps between them, as this allow free movement and avoids excessive abrasion.



Do not expose your furniture to prolonged periods of direct sunlight or place your furniture close to a radiator or similar heat source.


Do not use detergents or chemical to clean your leather, as these can damage and result in expensive repairs.

Leather upholstery is like your own skin, if you want to look great with age, you must maintain its appearance with regular cleaning and moisturizing.